Sneaky Preview from Italian Gratzia

Gorgeous Jade for Italian Gratzia, wearing one of the commissioned pieces We think she looks amazing!! Stylist Santa 2 Clicks and Contacts <2


Very excited to be making pieces for ITALIAN GRATZIA

watch this space preview coming soon! All items made to order please contact eyeoftheworlddesigns@gmail.com 

Susie Bubble comes to visit our studio and shared space in the workshop! www.stylebubble.com

"It's very difficult to emphasise the high quality finish of these pieces.  To touch them feems like holding a warmed-up pebble in your hand.  No chance of splinters or a rough edge to be found.  Both Hope and Liam meticulously finish off their belt pieces in a slightly OCD fashion to ensure the quality is top notch..."
"Boiled sweets, orchids and popping colours infiltrate EOTW's jigsaw belts, a concept which means these rectangular pieces of perspex and blockwood can be strung up on a transparent belt in a mix and match fashion.  As I swivlled from the pictures of pick n' mix sweets to the assortment of perspex colours that were on offer, I couldn't help envisioning a sort of Eye of the World jigsaw belt pick n' mix bar - where someone could string up any colourful combination they wanted.  On a transparent belt, the point of these bits of waist candy aren't actually to cinch in an outfit or hold up some trousers but rather they become focal points to add extra decoration to a garment underneath, looking like these little blocks are floating on top of an outfit..."

Susie Bubble www.stylebubble.com